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Conferences + Childcare = Progress

5 years ago this weekend I was getting ready to head to the national Chemistry conference, the CSC meeting. I was so excited to give my first invited talk, and most of research group was going with me. I was also 32 weeks pregnant and cleared to fly. I headed home from work, packed my bags for the airport, and before I knew it I was in an ambulance and headed to the hospital. My lovely little one had arrived, 2 months early, and put the kibosh on my conference plans! I had just officially become an academic mama!

5 years later, and this is the first time our national conference offers onsite childcare. A monumental step towards making conferences more family friendly. This little nugget of mine will be taking advantage of this service, not because I need it this year (partner in tow!), but because others need it, and I might need it next year, and offering onsite childcare matters. It is simply the right thing to do. Thank you to the voices that made sure they were heard, and thank you to those who listened.

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